2,000 years of spa medicine
With more than 700 natural mineral water springs, France has a long history in balneotherapy. Natural mineral waters that showed therapeutic effects certified by the Académie Nationale de Médecine are used to treat various chronic diseases: osteoarthritis, anxiety, venous inssuficiency... The 110 spa resorts provide high-standard spa procedures leading to certification supported by the national authorities. They also provide prevention packages and wellness facilities perfect to break your routine. So whatever spa resort you choose, you will enjoy a peaceful moment to recharge your batteries and unwind in an environment embodying the "art de vivre à la française". More than 500,000 people take a spa treatment each year. They bear witness to the benefits of balneotherapy, as do the thousands of specialist doctors who prescribe these treatments. Since 1947, they have been taken care of by social security, according to a standardized and adapted care grid for each pathology. A spa treatment in France is usually prescribed as an alternative to medication, although it can also be prescribed in addition to "classic" treatments. The 18 days of care are necessary to fully benefit from the effects of the treatment. Thermal treatments (baths, showers, massages, etc.) are the main part of the spa therapy.


La Medicine Thermale, le Conseil National des Etablissements Thermaux (C.N.E.Th)

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Health resorts
France has more than 700 medicinal water sources. The therapeutic effect are recognised by the Medical Academy. The 110 spa resorts in France provide high standard spa procedures leading to certification supported by the national authorities. 21-day approved thermal cures are covered by Health Insurance when they are prescribed by a doctor, attending physician or specialist, within the framework of one of the twelve main orientations, or therapeutic areas having demonstrated its effectiveness, and defined by Social Security. Spa medicine is recognized for contributing to the management of chronic conditions, addictions, and can accompany aging, in a preventive role, and as part of a cure, duration is fixed at 21 days per year.
Natural remedies
The thermal waters contain in addition to the three basic elements (bicarbonates, sulfides, sulfates, chlorides, trace elements and rare elements) depending on many parameters, in particular geological, more or less minerals (calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium), halogens (bromine, iodine , Fluorine ...) and metalloids (trace elements) as well as radioactive elements. This minerals play an important role in the cycle an important role in the cycle of biochemical reactions of the body. Although they are of small amount, they make the specificity of each water and its ability to cure the pathologies it is used for.
Special treatments
Breast cancer is the most common female cancer in France. At the end of the heavy treatments spas in France are a possible relay to accompany their recovery, thanks to multidisciplinary programs of physical and psychological reconstruction.
Other indications
Thermal medicine offers therapeutic solutions that are useful for certain types of childhood diseases, particularly in the area of ​​rebel infections of the upper respiratory tract (chronic rhinosinusitis, recurrent subacute otitis), allergic skin manifestations (atopic dermatitis) and / or respiratory (asthma, allergic rhinitis), chronic dermatoses (psoriasis, ichthyosis), after-effects of burns. The thermal stay also allows the implementation of spa treatments as well as therapeutic education actions of the patient.


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