Association of Slovenian Natural Spas

In between the Alps and the Mediterranean, the Karst and Pannonian Basin, there is a wealth of Thermo mineral waters. Spas are the best starting point to become familiar with one of the most watery and green countries of Europe. In addition to renowned and proven effective natural healing factors, the excellence of Slovenian natural spas is also based on their expertise. 12 Spas under the umbrella of the SSNZ (Association of Slovenian Natural Spas) preserve and develop one of the oldest interdisciplinary medical sciences: balneology. In addition to know-how in their specialist field, the knowledge of physicians working in our medical centres and dispensaries is complemented by this know-how in an excellent way. We swear by comprehensive medical care from preventive to diagnostics and curative, rehabilitation and nursing care. 3 BEST PRODUCTS 1. For as many as 60 years, its strategic focus on New Age tourism has been complemented by traditionally excellent preventive and curative healthcare based on the simultaneous use of natural therapeutic agents: thermal waters, potable mineral waters, seawater and brine, salt pan mud, organic and inorganic peloids, microclimate 2. Health & Prevention: Individual treatment of health conditions, rehabilitation, medical wellness and prevention programmes are based on state-of-the-art medical findings and have been verified by international quality certificates. 3. Well-being, wellness and selfness Wellness centres, selfness programmes and interesting new features include therapeutic, relaxation, beauty and other well-being-focused programmes.

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