Reitenberger Spa Medical

Reitenberger Spa Medical is a resort located in Marianske Lazne. Our aim is to deliver top-quality medical and spa care. With a team of certified doctors, physiotherapists, and therapists, we offer over 60 treatments, including therapeutic, rehabilitation, relaxation, and ayurvedic therapies. Our stay packages cater to wellness and relaxation or medical and physiotherapeutic care. Our medical programs begin with an initial examination, followed by personalized therapies. Accommodation options include luxurious apartments with forest or colonnade views, spacious superiores, and standard rooms. Each room is unique, with different layouts and concepts. Gastronomically, we serve buffet-style breakfast, lunch, and dinner in the dining hall, with live kitchen preparations. The Café Bar Reitenberger offers a diverse menu. Our treatments encompass physiotherapy exercises, device therapies, baths, massages, and more. The resort features a swimming pool, hot tub, Finnish sauna, infra-red sauna, and aroma sauna, providing a serene environment for relaxation and well-being. 3 BEST PRODUCTS 1. Relaxing spa stay - Stay package, where a doctor's consultation sets the stage for personalized therapeutic treatments (12 a week) that promote health and provide relief for sore backs and joints. 2. Ayurvedic spa stay – This stay package combines the professional services of our Filipino and Sri Lankan therapists with a beautiful spa environment, overseen by an Ayurvedic doctor, and offers guests an Ayurvedic cuisine experience. 3. Stay for strengthening immunity – This stay package is designed to prevent and strengthen immunity, catering to individuals who have previously experienced viral diseases, as our immune defenses play a vital role in disease progression and overall well-being.

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