Sairme Hotels Resort & Spa

Sairme Resort is one of the largest balneo-climatic resorts in Europe and Transcaucasia. It is located at an altitude of 950 meters above sea level. It is the location of the resort and the extensive mixed forest cover around it that makes the air of the resort distinguished by a high concentration of oxygen and ozone, low atmospheric pressure and intensive radiation of ultraviolet rays. The real wealth of the resort and the spa is its mineral waters. 5 types of drinking mineral water and one thermal mineral water flows in a radius of 4 kilometres, which allows us to use those waters during the procedures for a double result. 3 BEST PRODUCTS 1. Underwater massages The procedure is effective for both therapeutic-prevention and aesthetic purposes, as it helps to activate metabolism, increases muscle and blood vessel tone, improves blood and lymph circulation, reduces swelling, strengthens immunity and improves sleep. 2. Halotherapy (Salt Room) The procedure helps to strengthen the functioning of the lungs, and the microflora of the organs of the respiratory system is cleaned of dust and harmful bacteria, the salty air ensures the saturation of the blood with oxygen and the body’s resistance to various viruses and infections. Strengthens blood circulation and oxygen exchange in skin cells, and improves the functioning of the respiratory system. 3. Mud Applications Healing mud improves blood and lymph circulation, stimulates metabolism, relieves swelling, and has anti-inflammatory, pain-relieving and antibacterial effects. Medicinal mud applications are recommended for the treatment and prevention of bone-joint, metabolic, dermatological and cardiovascular diseases.

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