Spa Luhačovice

Spa Luhacovice is one of the biggest spa resorts in the Czech Republic. It is also the country’s main centre for the treatment of diseases of the respiratory tract. The local mineral waters of hydrogen carbonate sodium chloride character, from 8 - 10 °C and upwards, are the key natural healing substance. Spa Luhacovice provides treatment of diseases of the respiratory tract, disorders of the locomotive organs, diseases of the digestive tract and metabolism (diabetes), blood circulation diseases as well as oncological diagnoses. The quality of the natural resources, environment, accommodation, catering and medical services are the reason why the spa is also in great demand for wellness relaxation stays. The company boasts accommodation capacities of 1300 beds in 8 hotels, 9 guest houses and 2 medical institutions for children. 3 BEST PRODUCTS 1. SPA TREATMENT STAY The complex spa stay with 21 treatments per week is mainly focused on the treatment of respiratory and musculoskeletal diseases. 2. CURATIVE STAY The basic spa treatment offers 14 treatments per week according to medical prescription. 3. MEDICAL WELLNESS The stay for 7 nights combines a traditional spa treatment and a modern wellness lifestyle.

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