Teplice Spa (Lázně Teplice v Čechách)

The oldest spa in the Czech Republic and one of the oldest spas in Europe. In the 18th and 19th centuries, Teplice was regarded as „Little Paris“ and was visited by emperors, artists, scientists, and other celebrities such as Beethoven, Wagner, and Petr I. The Great, etc. Spa buildings are of historical importance, some of them date back to the 14th century, surrounded by parks, fountains, cafés, and other places of interest. Teplice Spa stands on the site of a spring of bicarbonate-sodium-type thermal water with an admixture of radon and a rich content of minerals and trace elements. The spring reaches a temperature of 41° C. The composition of the spring prevents osteoporosis, helps delay changes in the joints and strengthens the physical condition 3 BEST PRODUCTS Treatment stays for adults and children (from the age of 18 months) The combination of the healing effects of a thermal spring, and the experience of doctors and specialized physiotherapists. An individualized treatment program brings the best results. In the first phase, clients will perceive the load, the body will begin to readjust the movement stereotype, regenerate and then find a new movement condition. Even chronic problems that have not been solved for years respond with positive changes.

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