Terme Krka

Terme Krka, a member company of the Krka Group, is one of the leading tourism companies in the country. It brings together two health and spa centres - Dolenjske Toplice Spa and Šmarješke Toplice Spa, the Talaso Strunjan thalassic health resort at the seaside, the Otočec Hotels with their exciting Otočec Castle Golf Course and one of the most beautiful castles in Slovenia, Otočec Castle. Terme Krka has been widely recognised for its top-quality services with a personal touch for a number of years now. With a wide range of medical, wellness, gastronomy, sporting and holiday activities we help our guests on their way to a more enjoyable, more creative and healthier lifestyle. 3 BEST PRODUCTS 1. In Terme Dolenjske Toplice you can visit the Zen mindfulness programs and the Anti-stress energy program, which contain rich wellness services that relax and strengthen the ability to focus. 2. The Vitarium Spa & Beauty is an oasis of refreshing baths, energizing massages, beneficial saunas, and pampering in the aquatic indulgence. As part of the relaxation center, we offer an outpatient clinic that performs aesthetic procedures. Children can enjoy a splashing fun time a have fun splashing around at the Balnea FUN kingdom. 3. The Hotel Balnea, a designer hotel bursting with an elegance that, thanks to its artistic environment, attracts artists and creators who come to find inspiration for their work. You are invited to come to the hotel café and enjoy its musical evenings with local musicians.

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