Dr. Franz Linser: “ESPA’s expertise reaches seamlessly to the hot topics of the global wellness industry”

Dr. Franz Linser, Managing Director of Linser Hospitality and speaker at the 26th ESPA Congress in Piestany, Slovakia.

The European Spas Association is an exceptionally valuable organization in the international spa and wellness industry. It deals exclusively with high quality, medically sound and evidence-based offerings and stands out from the countless beauty and pampering spas whose primary selling points are limited to entertainment and having a good time.

ESPA is particularly active in those European countries that have a proud, long-standing and excellent spa culture and balneological expertise. Therefore, their offerings are of high professional qualification and are based on traditional knowledge as well as on the latest medical findings. 

Originating in the depth of balneological and medical knowledge, ESPA’s expertise reaches seamlessly to the hot topics of the global wellness industry, be it sustainability in spas, protection of natural healing resources, oncological spa concepts, cancer prevention diets, anti-obesity programs, post COVID treatment concepts or transformative wellness programs. 

Last but not least, the European Spas Association is a great example of the sharing economy, sharing its invaluable knowledge in the field of spa medicine and health tourism as a knowledge platform for all professionals in the industry.

The congress in Piestany was an impressive example of how valuable such gatherings of industry players in Central Europe really are and how long-serving professionals find themselves both as teachers and learners in a very beneficial process of giving and taking – and finally celebrating in the stylish ambience of one of Europe’s unique thermal hot spots.

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