The benefits of thermal water 

Dr. Alan Garcia discusses the multifaceted health benefits prompted by thermal water

The discovery of thermal waters by humans dates back more than two millennia. Since then,  thermal waters have continued to show their effectiveness in relieving many pathologies. More than 700 sources of beneficial water exist in France, and their therapeutic virtues are recognised by the Academy of Medicine.

What is thermal water? 

“Thermal water is a natural mineral water from a spring, springing spontaneously or artificially as a result of drilling, which does not undergo addition or subtraction of any element and which has therapeutic properties recognized by the Academy of Medicine,” details Dr. Alain Garcia. It is distinguished from other waters by the nature and stability of the minerals and trace elements that comprise it.


According to the French Society of Thermal Medicine, thermal medicine is defined as “the set of medical knowledge and practices concerning the use of thermal products and educational and care activities in thermal and climatic resorts”. It is a natural medicine without side effects whose benefits have been known since Roman times.

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