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With its size of 10 by 15.5 metres, the thermal pool at Hotel Thermal is the largest in Karlovy Vary and one of the largest in the Czech Republic. Every day, it is filled with water from the most famous Karlovy Vary spring called Hot Spring (Vřídlo), which rises from the ground in the form of a geyser with a temperature of 73 °C. Together with 14 other springs, they form the natural assets of Karlovy Vary, the basis for establishing the spa treatment with several centuries of tradition. The springs have a proven positive effect on the entire digestive tract. The body recovery is supported by drinking mineral springs, each of which has a different temperature and composition, thus contributing to the treatment of various ailments in the body. 

The year-round Hot Spring Pool is a part of the complex, including an outdoor pool and a modern sauna world. The outdoor pool has been an icon of the Thermal Hotel since its opening in 1976. It was completely reconstructed two years ago when it unveiled a new sauna world with two new outdoor pools – one filled with normal water and the other with 100% mineral water from the spring and temperature adjusted from 73 °C to 38 °C. 

The Thermal Hotel guests have access to the pool included in the price for each night and can conveniently reach it via a covered connecting corridor.


Stay in the thermal pool as a spa treatment

Bathing in the Hot Spring water is one of the traditional spa treatments in Karlovy Vary. This treatment is available in the outdoor pool, but you just should not exceed the recommended ideal time and leave the bath after 20 minutes. Every day, the hot spring water is renewed with fresh water, which enables to maintain the purity of the water without any chemical treatment.

The thermal water has an approximate temperature of 38 °C throughout the year. In the winter months or in cold weather, when the steam rises from the pool, and the atmospheric air is cold, a visit to the hot spring pool is an even more rejuvenating experience. Similarly, the other part of the pool with normal water and the size of 40 by 15.5 meters has a pleasant temperature of 30 °C all year round.

Bird’s eye view of the spa centre

The beneficial effects of mineral water on physical health are proven. The positive effect on mental comfort can be experienced by anyone who looks from the water surface directly at the spa centre of Karlovy Vary, recently included in the UNESCO world heritage list. You will not miss the magical view of the city even if you dive deep into the warm bath.

Find out more about the hotel at HOTEL THERMAL ****, Karlovy Vary – Hotel Resort Karlovy Vary.

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