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European Spas Association

The European Spas Association is an umbrella industry organisation representing 20 European countries. The European Spa Association's global objective is to promote spas and balneology in Europe and to take care that the natural remedies based on mineral water, landscape and climate will be available to as great a number of citizens and visitors as possible.

ESPA Congress 2019

22 Jan’19
Terme Tuhelj Arts & Spa (Croatia), May 8-10 + Details »


#ESPAInnovationAwards2019 We are back!

News & Events

Espa E-Library

1 Jun’18
ESPA has developed this unique e-Library exclusively dedicated to evidemce-based Balneology.
+ Details »

News & Events

22 Jan’19
IHK Potsdam - Berlin (Germany), March 4-5 + Details »

News & Events

21 Jan’19
Berlin (Germany), March 6-10 + Details »

News & Events

20 Jan’19
Tel Aviv (Israel), February 12-13 + Details »

EU Crossborder Healthcare

EU Crossborder Healthcare
EU citizens have the right to access healthcare in any EU country and to be [...]

Balneotheraphy Brochure

Balneotheraphy Care in Spas and Health Resorts in Europe

Part of healthcare in European medical spa facilities

ESPA Brochure

Core Activities and Projects

Epidemiological Survey on Balneotherapy (2017-2018)